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Product Composition:407C is a commonly used refrigerant composed of a mixture of R-32, R-125, and R-134a (PS: 23% R-32+25% R-125+52% R-134a). Its chemical names are 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane, Pentafluoroethane, and 1,1,1-Trifuoroethane.

Physical Properties:At room temperature and pressure, R407C is a non azeotropic refrigerant mixture of fluorine substituted alkanes that does not contain chlorine. It is a colorless gas and is stored in a steel cylinder as a compressed liquefied gas. Its ODP is 0, so R407C is an environmentally friendly refrigerant that does not damage the atmospheric ozone layer. It has the characteristics of cleanliness, low toxicity, non flammability, and good refrigeration effect.

Product Usage: 407C refrigerant has a lower humidity tolerance and higher refrigeration performance, making it suitable for medium to low temperature refrigeration systems and non centrifugal refrigeration systems. Mainly used in household air conditioning, small and medium-sized commercial air conditioning (small and medium-sized unit air conditioning, household central air conditioning, multi unit air conditioning), mobile air conditioning (automotive air conditioning, etc.).

Points for Attention: R407C refrigerant is the simplest option to replace R22 (usually in air conditioning systems). However, due to the differences in physical and chemical properties, theoretical cycle performance, and compressor oil used between R407C and R22, for after-sales maintenance of refrigeration equipment initially equipped with R22 refrigerant, if it is necessary to add or replace the refrigerant, R22 can still only be added. Generally, R407C cannot be directly used to replace R22 (that is to say, blood exchange replacement is usually not possible). However, for refrigeration equipment that initially uses R22, R417A can be used to directly replace R22 during maintenance or replacement.


The buyer must be certified by EPA and show proof before payment and shipment. Through this purchase, you declare that you have obtained EPA certification, or that the product will be used by licensed technicians. Your payment will be used as your electronic signature. (Note: The Federal Clean Air Act restricts the sale and use of CFC and HCFC refrigerants, and is limited to technicians certified by EPA approved testing agencies.)

NOTE: Due to differences in batches, there may be slight variations in the color of the tank body. Please note that this does not affect functionality and performance.


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