Fluoridation Refilling Dual Gauge Valve Accessory Refrigerant Charging Valve with 1.5m Hoses Blue

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1、Refrigerant refilling pressure gauge has accurate readings and the accuracy error of the pointer reading is 1.5.

2、Using high?quality copper + rubber materials, durable, wear?resistant and corrosion?resistant.

3、Mainly used to measure fluoride pressure of refrigeration equipment, with fluoride tubes, convenient for adding refrigerant.

4、Wide range of uses, suitable for filling a variety of refrigerants, such as for R22, R134A, R410A, R404A, etc.

5、The size of the joint is 1/4 + 5/16, with sealing gaskets, firm connection, and no air leakage.

Item Type: Air Conditioning Manifold Set
Material: Copper, Rubber
Color: Blue
Weight: Approx. 2.4kg
Size: Approx. 35x30x8.5cm / 13.8x11.8x3.3in
Purpose: Fluoride Pressure Measurement in Refrigeration Equipment
Accuracy Error Level: 1.5
Scope of Application: R22, R134A, R410A, R404A
Connector Specification: 1/4+5/16 comes with a 5/16 to 1/4 connector
Maximum Pressure Value: 800PSI
Burst Pressure Value: 4000PSI
Low Pressure Valve Display Value: -1-35bar (-30-500psi)
Display Value Of High Pressure Valve: -1-55bar (-30-800psi)

How to Use:
Before connecting to the system, please check whether the pointer of the pressure gauge is at the zero position. Otherwise, open the cover and adjust the zero adjustment screw to set the pointer to the zero position.

Connect with the system:
1. First close the low pressure valve (blue) and high pressure valve (red);
2. After connecting the low pressure interface to the blue tube (low pressure quick connector), connect it to the system low pressure and lock it;
3. The high-pressure interface is connected with the red tube (high-pressure quick connector) and then connected to the system high-pressure and locked;
4. The refrigerant interface is connected with the yellow tube and the vacuum pump and locked.

System vacuum (note: this step must be carried out under the normal pressure of the system, otherwise the system should be decompressed first)
1. After completing the above connections, turn on the vacuum pump;
2. Open the low pressure valve (blue), high pressure valve (red), and then open the high and low pressure quick connector, at this time the system starts to vacuum;
3. After a certain period of time (10-30min), check whether the system is completely vacuumed. If it is not vacuumed, check the leaks of the system and re-evacuate after repair;
4. At the same time, close the high and low pressure valves, and finally close the vacuum pump.

System filled with refrigerant
1. Disconnect the yellow tube from the vacuum pump, then connect it to the refrigerant bottle and tighten it, first open the refrigerator bottle (position in the forward direction), open the valve core on the meter group, and exhaust the air in the yellow tube;
2. Turn the refrigerant bottle upside down, open the low-pressure valve and high-pressure valve to add refrigerant;
3. After reaching the specified amount (according to the filling amount provided by each system manufacturer), close the high-pressure valve and low-pressure valve, and set the refrigerant bottle upright at the same time;
4. After turning on the system for a period of trial operation (about 5-10min), check the system pressure and temperature;
5. If the refrigerant is insufficient, put the refrigerant bottle upright, slowly open the low-pressure valve, (at this time it is strictly forbidden to open the high-pressure valve) add a proper amount of gas refrigerant;
6. If it is too high, close the cylinder, slowly open the high-pressure valve, discharge an appropriate amount of refrigerant from the valve core of the meter group (at this time, pay attention to the sprayed refrigerant hurting people), then close the high-pressure valve, and then re-test; repeat the above until it is normal .
7. After the operation is normal, close the refrigerant bottle and the high and low pressure valve, and then disconnect the high and low pressure quick connector from the system (at this time, pay attention to high temperature and hot hands).

Package List

1 x Refrigerant Gauge Valve

2 x Adapter

2 x Fluoride Adding Gasket

1 x Fluoride Adding Accessory

3 x Fluoride Adding Tube

1 x Manual


1. Please allow 0?1 inch error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.
2. Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please take the real one as standard.

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