A/C R134A Refrigerant Charging Pipe Recharge Hose with Gauge Adapter Car Air Conditioning Repair Tool

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1、Multifunctional style, comes with refrigerant pipe, gauge, bottle opener and adjustable connector.

2、Thickened pipe wall, sturdy and durable, quality metal joint, which has clear thread.

3、Various specification pressure gauge and refrigerant gauge, which can meet your different needs.

4、Easy to install, no complicated tools required, convenient to use.

5、Precision manufacturing makes it has stable performance and long service life.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Refrigerant Recharge Kit
Material: Brass + Hose
Color: As picture shown
1. A refrigerant refueling tube for automobile air conditioner.
2. One bottle of 250g R134A refrigerant.
3. Now start to test the pressure of the car: first, turn the thimble counterclockwise in the bottle opener end of DIY supplementary pipe to the top, screw the refrigerant bottle into the bottle opener and tighten it.
4. Check the low-pressure interface. Generally, there is a small blue or black hat at the left end under the hood.
5. Start the car engine and turn on the AC switch of the air conditioner. Turn on the blower to the maximum.
6. When the DIY pipe is connected to the low-pressure interface, the pressure gauge of the DIY pipe will instantly have a scale indication. At this moment DIY tube and air conditioning system are connected, see the pressure scale on pressure gauge, know the pressure in the system, add note below what pressure?Here is a knowledge statement!The pressure in the automobile air conditioning system changes according to the ambient temperature.In the following figure, the comparison table of Fahrenheit temperature and air conditioning system pressure confirms the high and low pressure in the system. The high system pressure indicates that the refrigerant in the system is more than the normal value, otherwise, the refrigerant should be supplemented.If the outside temperature is 30 degrees, the pressure in the air conditioning system should be 45PS! About, less than 45PS1 should be replenished refrigerant.(Fahrenheit is a common unit of temperature in the United States, thank you!)Ambient temperature the pressure of a low pressure meter
The system pressure was 25 to 35PSI 70℉ corresponds to 21.11 ℃
The system pressure ranged from 35 to 40PSI 75℉ corresponds to 23.89℃
System pressure 35-40 psi 80℉ corresponds to 26.67℃
The system pressure was 40-50 psi 85℉ corresponds to 29.44℃
The system pressure ranges from 45 to 55PSI 90℉ corresponds to 32.22℃
System pressure 45-55 psi 95℉ corresponds to 35℃
System pressure 50-55 psi 100℉ corresponds to 37.78℃
System pressure 50-55psi 105℉ corresponds to 40.56℃
The system pressure was 50-55 psi 110℉ at 43.33℃
7. Low pressure in the air conditioning system, to add refrigerant, thimble clockwise from the bottle opener, puncture the refrigerant bottle, bottle opener in the thimble counterclockwise rotation to the top, immediately back to the refrigerant cylinder up and down gently shaking bottle of refrigerants, refrigerant liquid will flow into the system, at the same time, the pressure gauge calibration, temperature and pressure in the PSI unit one to can.
8. When the pressure gauge scale is normal, immediately turn the thimble in the bottle opener clockwise to the lowest end and tighten it, and move the low-end outlet connector of the air conditioning system.If one bottle is not enough, please add a second bottle of refrigerant as described above until the external temperature and system pressure are equal.
9. At this time, the refrigerant supplement of the automobile air conditioning system is completed. Please tighten the L-shaped cap.

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1 Set of Refrigerant Recharge Kit

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